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& 24hr Roadside Assistance in Virginia

By Maldonado Towing

We are Maldonado Towing, we’re more than just a towing company. We offer 24-hour roadside assistance in Virginia, providing you with peace of mind during unexpected breakdowns.

Moreover, we specialize in cash for junk cars, turning your old, unused vehicles into instant profit. Choose us for efficient, reliable, and friendly service.

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If you need to get rid of your junk vehicle and get cash today, we can help you.

Select your city, and let us help you get rid of your old vehicle today.

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If you’re away from one of our main locations, don’t worry, call us, and we’ll send a tow truck for your old clunker no matter where you are in Virginia.

Want to learn More About Our Free Junk Car Removal?

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We pay cash instantly

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We give you up to for your junk vehicle!

Free Junk Car Removal + Cash On Hand For Your Old Junk Car

We buy any car, truck, SUV, or van in any condition and pay you top dollar
on the spot with a complementary free towing.

Also, as one of the longest-running towing companies in the Virginia area, our team has long been the go-to option for all your towing and junk car removal services. We are not like the big-town guys, and we embrace that. When you call our team, you get a local company that does the extra things.

Call us today for a quick quote on your car!

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Get the most cash for your junk car in Virginia in 4 easy steps

 If you're looking to sell your junk car in Virginia, here's what we need to know:

Make, Year and Model:
What’s the make and model of your unwanted vehicle? What year was your old clunker manufactured? This information helps us prepare the documents we need to be ready for your vehicle. We want to make this process as quick as possible for you.

Where in Virginia is your car currently located? No matter where in Virginia you are, call us, and we’ll arrange the best time to pick up your wrecked car.

Is your car still running or is it completely dead? It doesn’t matter if your vehicle isn’t running. We need this information to know what type of tow truck to send you.

Once we have all this information, we can give you a fair and accurate quote up to $500 for your junk vehicle. So, don’t wait – tell us about your old vehicle today and get that old clunker off your hands!

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Why choose us to sell your junk car?

Unlike other junk vehicle removal services and junk car buyers in the DMV area (Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia), our company, Maldonado Towing, prioritizes making the process simple and speedy.

We keep the paperwork to a minimum, only needing your vehicle’s title. So, why delay? Call us for your junk vehicle removal needs and swiftly turn your unwanted car into cash.

Get Top Dollar for
Your Unwanted Vehicles in MD, VA, and D.C.

Quick cash in exchange for junk cars, Maldonado Towing, is the go-to choice. We purchase all types of cars, irrespective of their working condition. Our prompt service ensures that you receive a quote for your car based on your description immediately after your call. We pick up your car on the same day and pay you in cash immediately.

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Important Notice After Selling Your Junk Car!

Hold off on canceling your auto insurance immediately! When you sell your unwanted vehicle for cash in VA, MD, or D.C., it’s crucial that you first return your license plates to the MVA/DMV of your choosing before you cancel your auto insurance. Failure to return your plates and cancel your auto insurance could result in fines for having an uninsured vehicle.

The only legitimate way to inform that you’re no longer using your vehicle and that it’s been sold is by returning the plates. Otherwise, both your insurance company and your state will assume you have an uninsured car.

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24HR Towing


24HR Towing & Emergency Services

At Maldonado Towing, we offer 24HR Towing & Emergency Services to ensure you’re never stranded. Whether you’ve suffered a breakdown, an accident, or have a flat tire, our team is always ready to assist.

Our comprehensive services include Winch Services to handle those tricky situations where your vehicle is stuck or inaccessible. We also offer Tire Support services, ensuring you can get back on the road safely in case of a blowout or flat. No matter the hour or weather, Maldonado Towing is your reliable partner on the road, delivering rapid, professional, and friendly assistance when you need it most.

Jump start

Jump Start Services

Get back on the road fast with our reliable jump start services in Virginia. Available 24/7, our team provides quick and efficient battery jump starts for all vehicle types. Whether you’re at home, work, or stranded roadside, we are ready to assist with professional service.

Trust us for your emergency jump-start needs and experience the peace of mind that comes with our swift response.

Winch Services

At Maldonado Towing, we offer expert winch services, providing safe and efficient vehicle recovery in Virginia. Whether you’re stuck in mud, snow, or off-road, our skilled team is equipped to handle any situation 24/7.

Trust us for reliable winch outs and prompt, professional service, ensuring you and your vehicle are back on the road quickly and safely.

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Flat Tire Services

At Maldonado Towing, we understand how frustrating and inconvenient a flat tire can be. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing prompt, professional, and hassle-free flat tire services to get you back on the road quickly and safely. Our team is equipped with the tools and expertise to handle any flat tire situation, whether you need a simple tire change or more comprehensive assistance. We’re available 24/7 to ensure you’re never left stranded, offering fast response times and reliable service you can count on.

Trust Maldonado Towing for all your flat tire needs and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re in good hands.


Call us 24-hour for
roadside assistance in Virginia

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