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Emergency Roadside Assistance

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Expert Towing Services for Motorcycles and Luxury Vehicles

We recognize the significance of handling your motorcycle or luxury car with the highest level of care. We provide specialized services for incidents or mechanical failures involving these particular vehicles.


Our towing experts adhere to rigorous safety guidelines, such as wearing high-visibility clothing and deploying safety cones, to guarantee your vehicle's and our crew's safety.

and Insured

Our bonded status adds an additional layer of security and peace of mind for your vehicle. We also maintain extensive insurance coverage throughout the towing operation, including liability and cargo insurance.


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We offer an extensive range of emergency roadside services in Virginia to
meet all your needs. Here's a closer look at each:

Emergency Flat
Tire Assistance in Virginia

Are you stranded with a flat tire? Our team arrives promptly to assess the situation and either repair the tire on-site or replace it with a spare, ensuring you're back on the road as quickly as possible.

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Towing with
a Winch

Are you stuck in a ditch or off-road? Our winch-out service can safely pull your vehicle back onto stable ground. Our towing vehicles are equipped with high-capacity winches to handle a variety of situations.

Tire Replacement for Flats

If your tire is beyond repair, we offer tire replacement services. We'll install a new or spare tire to ensure your vehicle is roadworthy once more.

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On-the-Spot Repairs

Minor mechanical issues can often be fixed right where you are. Our skilled technicians come equipped with a range of tools and parts to perform basic repairs, from fixing a loose belt to replacing a faulty spark plug.



#Jump Start

If your car won't start, it might just need a quick jump. Our team carries professional-grade jumper cables to safely jump-start your vehicle and get you back on your journey.

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of Fuel

Running out of fuel is both inconvenient and potentially dangerous. We offer fuel delivery services to bring enough gas to the nearest fueling station.

Each of our services is designed to resolve your emergency as efficiently as possible, minimizing your downtime and stress.

Around-the-Clock Emergency Towing and Recovery Services

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We understand that vehicle problems can happen at any hour at Maldonado Towing, so we offer 24/7 emergency towing and roadside assistance. Our team is on standby day and night, seven days a week, to provide quick and efficient help when you need it most.

We offer all our standard towing and roadside services but with the added benefit of being available at all hours for emergencies. Our prompt and skilled towing team ensures you’re quickly moved to safety, fulfilling our commitment to offering essential services to our community.

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Towing Solutions for All Vehicle Types

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Maldonado Towing offers a diverse range of towing services that cater to light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty vehicles, available 24/7. 

Whether you drive a compact car, sedan, or a large SUV, we have the right towing solution. Our light-duty towing is perfect for smaller vehicles like hatchbacks and economy cars. Medium-duty towing is tailored for mid-sized vehicles such as sedans and smaller SUVs or pickups like a Jeep or Toyota Tacoma. Our heavy-duty towing has got you covered for larger SUVs, pickups, and even small commercial vehicles.

No matter your vehicle type, you can count on Maldonado Towing to be there for you, day or night.

Take a look at our frequently ask questions

Junk your car for cash in Virginia.

We pay you in cash and we tow for free.

Maldonado Towing provides free towing services to people whose vehicles are unable to be driven from their current location. Simply contact us and we will come pick up your vehicle at no cost!

Yes, we will buy your vehicle regardless of its current condition.

We buy any type of vehicle in Maryland, regardless of its condition. We’ll take care of all the paperwork and pay you cash on the spot!

Absolutely! We will pay you cash for any junk cars you have.

Yes, if we can tow it, we will buy it!

Please settle the issue with your impounded vehicle first, then contact us. We would be delighted to purchase your vehicle!

Unfortunately, no. You can remove any valuable items from the car that you think could be sold separately. We will buy your junk car for its metal parts only, so make sure it still has wheels! If you prefer, you can install some inexpensive wheels. We don’t care if the wheels are new or old, as long as we can still tow your vehicle.

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