We Buy Junk Cars in Virginia!

Do you have a hidden treasure sitting in your driveway? That old vehicle you're not using could actually be worth a good amount of cash. At Maldonado Towing, We Buy Junk Cars, we're experts at transforming your unwanted cars into valuable assets.

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We buy junk cars in Manassas, Woodbridge and Springfield, VA

We Buy Junk Cars in Virginia | Maldonado Towing
We Buy Junk Cars in Virginia | Maldonado Towing
Our process

We Buy Your Junk Car Today!

Are you thinking about turning your old car into cash? We simplify the process to help you make money from your unused vehicle.

Here's a simple breakdown of how it all works:

Step 1: Collect Your Vehicle Details

Start by gathering essential information about your car, such as its make, model, year, and condition. Having the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) on hand can speed up the process.

Step 2: Get a Free Quote

After compiling your car’s details, reach out to us for a no-obligation quote. You can contact us online or by phone, provide us with the information we need, and receive an instant quote.

Step 3: Arrange Pickup

If you agree with our offer, schedule a convenient pickup time. We provide free towing services to make the process hassle-free for you.

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Step 3: Arrange Pickup

If you agree with our offer, schedule a convenient pickup time. We provide free towing services to make the process hassle-free for you.

Step 4: Prepare Your Car

Before the pickup, remove any personal items from your vehicle and have the title ready for the sale. Our team can assist you with any questions about the title process.

Step 5: Receive Payment

During pickup, our representative will inspect the car quickly, finalize the paperwork, and hand you the cash. It’s a simple and efficient process!

What You Need to Begin

At Maldonado Towing, we can buy your junk car, once you have these ready:

  • Basic car information (make, model, year, condition)
  • Vehicle VIN (for an accurate quote)
  • Car title (proof of ownership)
  • A few minutes to request your quote

Turn that old car into cash effortlessly with “Maldonado Towing”!

We Buy Your Junk Cars! Contact us today!
We Buy Junk Cars in Virginia | Maldonado Towing
We Buy Junk Cars in Virginia | Maldonado Towing
We Buy Junk Cars in Virginia | Maldonado Towing

How to Get the Best Offer for Your Junk Car, Essential Tips and Information:

Buying your junk car can be a surprisingly profitable task if you know how to follow the process effectively. Getting the best offer for your junk car involves a bit of preparation. Here are key strategies and critical information you should provide to ensure you receive the highest possible offer for your vehicle.

Preparing Your Car for Sale

Gather Important Documents: The title of the vehicle is crucial because it proves ownership. Having the car’s title ready and accessible can streamline the sales process and affect the offer positively. If you don’t have the title, check with your state’s DMV on how to obtain a duplicate.

Remove Personal Belongings: Cars often become storage spaces for personal items over time. Before selling your junk car, ensure all personal belongings are removed. This step is crucial not just for privacy, but also because some items might accidentally include personal information.

Information to Provide for an Accurate Quote

Make, Model, and Year: This basic information is the starting point for most quotes and helps the buyer identify the general value of the car.

Maximizing Your Junk Car’s Value

Remember, the goal is to make your junk car as profitable and seamless as possible. By following these tips and providing detailed information about your vehicle, you’re well on your way to securing the best possible offer.

Ready to Sell Your Junk Car for Cash?

Maldonado Towing is here to buy your junk car, offering a smooth, efficient, and profitable solution for disposing of your unwanted vehicle. With our reliable service, free towing, and immediate cash payment, selling your junk car has never been easier. 

Contact Maldonado Towing today to get started and turn that old car into cash in no time!

Why Choose Maldonado Towing?

Quick and Competitive Offers:

Maldonado Towing understands the value of your time and vehicle. We offer immediate, competitive quotes for your junk car, ensuring you receive the best possible cash offer with us.

Free Towing Service:

We believe in making the selling process as smooth as possible. That’s why Maldonado Towing offers free towing for your junk car, saving you from the hassle and expense of transporting it.

Immediate Payment:

The best part of selling your junk car for cash with Maldonado Towing? Instant payment! We provide on-the-spot cash for your car, making the transaction quick and satisfying.

Effortless Process:

Our streamlined process eliminates all the usual stresses of selling a junk car. From the initial quote to towing away your vehicle, we handle everything, making Maldonado Towing the epitome of convenience.

Eco-Friendly Recycling:

When you sell your junk car for cash to Maldonado Towing, you’re also making an environmentally responsible choice. We ensure that all vehicles are recycled in an eco-friendly manner, contributing to the sustainability of our planet.

# We Buy Junk Cars in Virginia!

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Keep that damaged car from occupying precious driveway space.

Choose Maldonado Towing in Virginia and enjoy a hassle-free, junk car removal journey.

No Hidden Fees!

We Buy Junk Cars in Virginia in Any Condition


Blown Engine






Total Lost



Frame Damage


We buy all makes and models of junk vehicles for cash

We Buy Junk Cars Today in Virginia!

Pickup truck – Sedan – Convertible – Hatchback – Truck – Station Wagon – SUV – VAN – Bus – RV

All Makes and Models

We’re buying junk cars for cash, no matter the make, model, or year. Whether you own an old classic, a reliable family sedan, or a sleek sports car, we’re interested.

Vehicles in Any Condition

From slightly used to completely totaled, all conditions are considered. This includes:

  • Cars with cosmetic damage
  • Vehicles with mechanical issues
  • Totaled cars that are deemed a total loss by insurance
  • Old cars that are simply not running anymore

NO WORRIES! We buy any junk vehicle in Virginia.

Just give us a call today!

Junk Car

# We Buy Junk Cars in Virginia!


With Registration

Without Registration

Expired Registration

Without License Plate

Are You Looking For Clearing Out Your Driveway? We buy junk cars in Virginia!

Whether you’re clearing out your driveway, looking to make some quick cash, or simply want to recycle your old car responsibly, Maldonado Towing is here to help.

Contact us today to find out how much your junk car could be worth and to take the first step towards a cleaner, more spacious driveway.


Before you sell your junk car in Virginia you must know:

In Virginia, you must return your vehicle tags to the DMV before canceling your auto insurance. Failing to follow this sequence can lead to significant fines. Always return the plates before ending coverage to avoid extra charges.

Towing a car

Sell your junk car anywhere in Virginia!

Here are some of the cities in which we pick up your junk car for free:

Junk cars

# We Buy Junk Cars in Virginia!

Understanding Title Requirements for Buying Your Junk Car in Virginia

If you’re thinking about selling your junk car in Virginia but don’t have the title, we get it. Dealing with Virginia’s strict vehicle ownership rules can be tough. While we can’t buy cars without a title in the state due to regulations, don’t worry!

Getting a replacement or duplicate title is quite simple, and we’re here to help you through the process.

Getting a Replacement or Duplicate Title

  1. Visit Your Local DMV:

Start by heading to your nearest Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). They’re the ones who can help you get a new title for your vehicle.

  1. Fill Out the Necessary Forms:

These forms are there to confirm your ownership and get you a fresh title for your car.

  1. Submit Your Application:

Once you’ve filled out the forms with all the correct details about your vehicle and ownership, hand them in at the DMV. 

  1. Get Your New Title:

After your application is processed, you’ll get your new title. It usually takes a few weeks, so make sure to plan ahead if you’re looking to sell your junk car promptly.


Take a look at our frequently asked questions

We Buy Junk Cars in Virginia!

How do you guys pay me for my junk car in Virginia? Do you take cash, checks, or money orders?

We pay you in cash and we tow for free.

Maldonado Towing provides free towing services to people whose vehicles are unable to be driven from their current location. Simply contact us and we will come pick up your vehicle at no cost!

Yes, we will buy your vehicle regardless of its current condition.

We buy any type of vehicle in Maryland, regardless of its condition. We’ll take care of all the paperwork and pay you cash on the spot!

Absolutely! We will pay you cash for any junk cars you have.

Yes, if we can tow it, we will buy it!

Please settle the issue with your impounded vehicle first, then contact us. We would be delighted to purchase your vehicle!

Unfortunately, no. You can remove any valuable items from the car that you think could be sold separately. We will buy your junk car for its metal parts only, so make sure it still has wheels! If you prefer, you can install some inexpensive wheels. We don’t care if the wheels are new or old, as long as we can still tow your vehicle.

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